Wow, She Likes Sautéed Kale


Our picky eater finally tries sautéed kale!

Mimi's Magic Sautéed Kale

Mimi’s Magic Sautéed Kale

It starts as a typical picky eater night at the table. She surveys her plate, eats her bread, nibbles her carrot, drinks some water and asks for more bread.

“Sure, after you eat some of what’s on your plate.”

“But I don’t like it.”

A roasted chicken drumstick (chicken nuggets are sometimes acceptable, but this chicken on a stick, not so trusted), sautéed kale, carrots and bits of baked potato lay in their separate compartments on her pink plastic plate. Not exactly dinner heaven for this gal.

Now, technically, there’s no excuse for feeding a four year-old. I mean, holding her fork, spearing each bite, bringing it to her mouth. I used to cringe when I saw parents do this for a child so obviously capable of feeding themselves.  Understand, though, DAYS passed without the child eating anything green.  So, when she asks, “Will you please feed me, Mimi?,” I cave.

Her mother working evening shift, I seize the opportunity to work my magic. The magic never works as well when Mommy’s here. I suspect she doesn’t want her mother knowing she will eat green things. All Picky Eater usually needs to say is “I’m full, Mommy,” and Mommy clears the table. She even gives her a snack later–instead of sticking to her veggie-guns.

Okay, so it's fruit. You get the idea.

Okay, so it’s fruit. You get the idea.

Mimi, well, is a magic veggie-gun slinger, with master skills.

“Okay,” I say, “I want to sit close to you, anyway!”

Scooting our chairs close together, I slide in and enjoy the hug she offers. She loves being close. I sweetly (yet firmly) declare she will be trying at least a taste from each compartment. She has a choice which one first. To my surprise, she chooses kale!

Wielding my good magic wand (which, mysteriously, looks just like her pink Minnie Mouse fork), I spear a little piece of the superfood and bring it to her mouth. It opens! Ahhh, Mimi magic is on tonight.

To my delight, she likes it! She asks for more! She eats all the kale on her plate, and asks for more. She even accepts a bite of kale on top of a piece of chicken–six, maybe seven times–to get the chicken down.

I am beside myself with joy. Yeah, I know, I probably care too much about getting vegetables into this little princess. In my celebration, I decide: This one is definitely a blog recipe.

I dub thee, appropriately:

Mimi’s Magical Sautéed Kale

1 large bunch fresh chopped kale, spines removed

2 T olive oil

1 T Parmesan bread dip seasoning*

1/2 lemon

salt, to taste


In large skillet, heat oil. Add bread dip seasoning and stir, infusing the oil with this marvelous flavor.

Did I mention that I love this stuff?

Did I mention that I love this stuff?

*(I LOVE this stuff. If anyone tries to tell me there’s something unhealthy about this stuff, I swear I will put my fingers in my ears, sing aloud and, if they persist, shout, “I can’t hear you!,” repeatedly, until they go away.)

Add kale and sauté over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally, 5 – 10 minutes, until wilted and soft.

Squeeze lemon juice over kale, stir and cook another minute.

Serves up to four.


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Photo credits:

Kale and Parmesan bread dip seasoning: me.

Veggie-gun slinger and Magic wand:



The magic described herein is child-like, fun magic, in no way intended to be associated with evil, witchery, sorcery or green glowy scary stuff! 😉


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